The Review, Appraisal, and Triage of Mail (RATOM) project is developing software to assist archives and other collecting organizations with email analysis, selection, and appraisal tasks.  The project extends the email processing capabilities currently present in the TOMES software and BitCurator environment, developing additional modules for these tools along with select standalone software to support more advanced workflows.

These include identifying and reporting on entities present within emails and email attachments using a scalable NLP library; identifying materials requiring redaction or review due to the presence of potentially sensitive information; and developing software modules to assist with preparation of materials for release and public access.

You can find more details of our progress on GitHub.

Processing email collections with libratom:

Selection and appraisal web application:
(additional repositories at ratom-server and ratom-web)

RATOM is funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (grant reference number 1802-05537).