Release news and updates through libratom 0.5.2

If you follow us on Twitter (@RATOM_Project) or GitHub (, you may have seen a couple of months months back that we released libratom 0.5.0. This made spaCy 3.0 the default NLP platform for the tool, providing access to a range of new models for named entity recognition. This release also added official tested support for Python 3.9, and dropped official testing for Python 3.6 (although functionality should remain unaffected).

Recently, we’ve released libratom 0.5.2, a maintenance bump that updates some out-of-date dependencies (including those with security advisories) in the official release.

Our current testing indicates that at this stage the core library and support CLI tools are stable on all supported platforms, though we may explore additions to the schema as additional community requests come in. You can download the latest release on PyPI or read detailed instructions on installation and usage on GitHub.